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I cry a lot about the Milkoviches and Ian.
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the characters I really love || ian gallagher

You’re not starting to like me or anything, are you?
Like you?
Like, fall in love or anything weird?
Good, don’t.

"You’re fucking dead."


“Sometimes when people love each other very much they need time apart                           so when they come back together their love is even stronger.”

The best thing about mistakes is that we get to correct them.

It’s like when a plane goes down, what do they call that? It’s never just one thing that causes it, it’s a chain reaction. Cascading failures, that’s what this feels like.

You think I’m not a goddess? Try me. This is a torch song. Touch me and you’ll burn.
I come from the province of the gods.

Season 4: A Summary

  1. Episode 1: Where's Ian?
  2. Episode 2: okay but where's Ian?
  3. Episode 3: Ha seriously though where's Ian??
  4. Episode 4: Alright this is getting ridiculous where's Ian??!
  5. Episode 5: aww there he is!! Oh no...
  6. Episode 6: where's Ian?
  7. Episode 7: oh no
  8. Episode 8: oh no
  9. Episode 9: oh no
  10. Episode 10: oh no
  11. Episode 11: ohh..n-...okay..
  12. Episode 12: oh nooo no no no no not like this. Never like this